First blog post

So, here is the infamous first blog post.

As I said in the “about me” section, I am an introvert.
First thing to note here though is I believe Introversion and Extroversion are on a continuum, but most people have a preferred way of getting their energy and for me my preference is to get my energy from within.

This means my alone time is my recharge time, it means my preferred method of communication is the written word and I take time to “warm up” in social situations particularly if the people there are unknown to me.

It does NOT mean that I am immediately an anxious, withdrawn mess at the slightest sign of human interaction and have to be alone at all times to feel comfortable, nor does it mean I cannot speak my mind. I am in fact quite a good speech-maker, debater and actress who has delivered some powerful, emotive performances in my time.

People just don’t see the hours of prep beforehand, the psyching up I give myself in the immediate run-up, and the wind-down afterwards where I eventually withdraw from you all and reflect.

As well as physical appearances and conversations, social media has a huge part to play in how we are perceived. Lots of us are perceived as social beings as we post our meet ups with friends, travels and quotes from conversations we’ve had. Our long facebook friend lists and reams of photographs make introversion seem impossible, or at the very least “strange” and socially less acceptable.

I hope this web space provides some insight for you all, regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, and my posts have its uses in your own lives.